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Sonja Breach Massage Therapy

Professional massage therapy for mind, body and soul

About me

Wth over 10 years of experience working from the reputable Neal's Yard Remedies and Massage & Wellbeing Centre in Exeter, I have successfully treated a diverse range of clients from high-performance athletes to office workers suffering from chronic stress.

Now operating from my own studio located conveniently near the Castle (just a few steps away from the High street near Exeter library), I offer a holistic approach to your health and well-being.

Whether you're struggling with stress and anxiety, chronic aches and pains, injury, or intensive sports training-related discomfort, or even if you're simply seeking relief from everyday tension, I'm here to help!

Each treatment is customized to your specific needs, employing a wide range of techniques:

  • Deep tissue massage: ideal for chronic aches and pains.
  • Fascia work and myofascial release: to improve mobility and ease discomfort.
  • Trigger point therapy: perfect for addressing specific pain points.
  • Lymphatic drainage: aids in detoxification and boosts overall health.

What I find most rewarding about my job is the opportunity to alleviate pain, restore mobility, and facilitate positive change in my clients' lives, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Interested in experiencing the benefits of massage therapy for yourself?

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£90 - 120 mins

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Professional certifications
Trained at the School of Bodywork and Member of the BCMA bodywork affiliates register
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What clients have said about their experiences

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As a massage therapist myself, I can fully recommend having a treatment with Sonja. I can always trust that Sonja knows exactly how to treat areas that become tight and achy and I always feel a huge sense of relief post massage! Her experience and knowledge is second to none and I find her massage and MFR treatments hugely beneficial. Her new studio is quiet and calming. You won’t regret booking in - you’re in safe hands!

Lydia Kaye

I have visited Sonja over a number of years. She is an absolutely outstanding massage therapist - for both remedial and relaxation treatments. Sonja is careful to understand what's wrong, the context and what's needed/desired; and gives and gives straightforward and very useful advice on exercise and self-care to complement the massage. The treatment room in Exeter city centre is modern, spacious and well-appointed; and the treatment table (unlike some) of a good size, solid and comfortable. Sonja is a really great person who could, I imagine, put anyone at their ease. I recommend her unreservedly.

Richard Jackson

Sonja is such an amazing massage therapist! I’ve been seeing her for several years now on a monthly basis and every time I leave her studio I do feel amazing, lighter and relaxed - from back neck and shoulders to a full body massage, depending on how I may feel, it’s always superb. Excellent professional, respectful, which will adapt techniques accordingly. Sonja also gives me tips of stretching exercises, for example, which are very helpful to do at home! Sonja is absolutely amazing and always full for good energy and positivity - I truly recommend Sonja’s therapy message!!

Eunice Aranha Inácio

I have been seeing Sonja for several years now. She always hits the right spot. Her massages are excellent if you need help with a problem and equally as good for relaxation and maintenance. She always has a little chat before the massage begins and gives tips for exercises etc when the massage has finished. Always a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Susan Nex

Sonja is fantastic! I had been struggling with neck and back for some time and had tried other therapists to which they provided some relief. However, since coming to Sonja I’ve never looked back! My neck, shoulders and back feel so much better even in between massages. I always leave feeling lighter and relaxed. Fully recommend!

Joanna Smith

I started using Sonja for back massage a few years ago after a back problem developed after a fall and through gardening and looking after grandchildren. Sonja always finds the right spots of tension and works on it. At my recent appointment she released a knot in my shoulder which meant my shoulder dropped about an inch! It was causing a headache which went during the session. I am very impressed with her knowledge and the advice she gives. Thank you Sonja.

Alison Howell

Sonja is a superb therapist! My back, neck and shoulders have been under the care of her expert hands for a few years now and I am so pleased with the results! I see Sonja regularly even when I feel ok because I know she will find those deeper knots and stiff spots. I absolutely recommend Sonja's therapy massage!

Patricia Marques

I've been seeing Sonja for a number of years and she's professional, and extremely skilful at remedial massage and MFR. If there are any tight bits, even ones you don't think are there, Sonja will find them! Sonja is great at explaining how bits of the body are connected and that often the area that hurts might not be the problem, it's coming from elsewhere (she'll find that too!). I've found that physio exercises are much more effective when muscles aren't tight and Sonja's various techniques to calm problematic muscles and areas of fascia have made such an enormous difference to my mobility. She gives really good advice about aftercare and stretching too. Highly recommended.

Caroline M

Totally agree with previous reviews. Sonja is a great massage therapist, tailoring her treatment and techniques according to how I am feeling at the time. Sonja has this amazing ability to find all the areas that need some attention.

Charlotte Thomas

I have been seeing Sonja for over a decade. She gives the best massages I have ever found anywhere. Her hands sense where tightness is and works incredibly well to release the tensions. After an hour with Sonja, I can barely feel I have a body anymore because I'm so relaxed. She's also given me exercises to prevent the tightness which have really helped.

Katherine Lyddon

I've been having massages from Sonja for around 7 years now, she's seen me through hip pain, shoulder pain, pregnancy and various injuries. She's extremely knowledgeable and as well as easing aches and pains with great technique also advises on stretches and home treatment. The only masseuse I would see!

Alice Sefton

Sonja's great! I've been going to Sonja regularly for massages for several years, including during bouts of sciatica. Friendly and professional, takes the time before each appointment to find out the treatment most needed and gives advice on stretches to do at home

Daniel Sefton

I have been going to Sonja for a few years now and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. She has helped me with various aches and pains, lower back problems and stiffness as well as releasing tension that can build up in the body due to stress and overwhelm. She listens to your needs and focuses on those areas working deeply to realign and rebalance. Sonja is professional, welcoming, respectful and very caring. The room is based in the centre of Exeter and is easy to get to, it’s peaceful, calming, light and airy and you can choose to have soft music or not. I would highly recommend Sonja’s practice.

Lucy Gibson

Sonja is a wonderful massage therapist, she's very positive, nurturing and kind - she makes you feel at ease and is an absolute professional. She's really helped to alleviate my pain and stiffness - I've seen fantastic results. I would recommend her to any and every one! Thank you so much Sonja! :)


Amazing. Been seeing Sonja for a while now and my neck and shoulders have never felt so good. Would thoroughly recommend.

Eve Jenkins
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